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Christmas For Schools Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines

Christmas For Schools Snowflake With An Underline

We will send you a school artwork pack when you register for the Christmas fundraiser. Contained in this will be a Christmas artwork guidelines sheet for you to follow to ensure that your pupils' artwork can be reproduced with the best possible results.

Christmas For Schools Bow Tie

the Do's

Bright, colourful Christmas designs that fill the A4 paper produce the best results.

Use paint, felt tip, crayon, inks and coloured pencils.

Use collage (but make sure all pieces are securely stuck on!).

Use glitter glue.

Make sure any text is bold and legible and kept within 2cm of the edges of the A4 paper.

Make sure any border design is nice and large as we trim about 3mm off the cards to give a professional finish to the Christmas cards.

Christmas For Schools Snowflake With An Underline

the Don'ts

Please do not use sprinkle glitter (glitter glue is fine) - it has a tendency to fall off and end up on other children's artwork and our scanners!

If you use pastels or charcoal, please use a fixer to avoid smudges.

Please don't fold Christmas card artwork, or use staples or sellotape to attach order forms as they can damage the pictures.

Avoid metallic finishes over large areas.

Pale coloured pencils on a white background do not reproduce well.