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How Our Christmas Card Project for Schools Works

The first thing you need to do if you wish to participate in this year’s
Christmas Fundraiser is to register your school or group.

You can do this by either registering online:

...Or calling us on

At the beginning of the Autumn Term, we will send you your Christmas fundraising artwork pack which contains everything you need to participate.

The Fundraising Christmas Card Artwork Pack Contains The Following:

Christmas For Schools How It Works Your Joining Pack

A4 paper for the children for their artwork

Artwork Guidelines

Order forms are printed on the reverse of the artwork

Order forms for parents (personalised for your school)

Posters to display in school

A return label to send your artwork box back to us

Step by step guide to fundraising:

Christmas For Schools Snowflake
  • Children complete their Christmas fundraiser artwork on the A4 paper provided. In our experience this works best if it is done in class, however many schools do send this home as a weekend project.
  • The teacher fills out the Child’s name and class on the order form on the reverse of the artwork.
  • Christmas fundraiser artwork is then sent home to parents with a letter. The order forms are personalised to your school and will tell parents who to make cheques payable to.
  • When the Christmas fundraiser orders come back to school, you remove the money and bank it.
  • Pack the Christmas product artwork / order forms back into the box we sent you.
  • When all Christmas fundraiser orders have been collected, seal your box and affix the return label. Please post your orders back to us and we will refund the postage cost on your final invoice.
  • When we receive your Christmas product artwork fundraiser artwork and all orders have been logged on our system, we will send you an invoice to cover the production costs of your cards. This will leave you with £1.00 for every Christmas product that has been ordered. The payment for this must be received by us before your orders are dispatched back to school.
  • Christmas products are delivered back to you on a pre agreed date, packed by class for easy distribution.