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Xmas4Schools, the fundraising Christmas product organisation, is run by Print Junction, an independent digital print company based in Kent.
Print Junction operates a busy shop front business dealing with corporate and consumer printing needs all year round... we're not just here for Christmas and then gone afterwards!

Our School Christmas product fundraiser has been running since 2009 and has built a strong reputation and client base. Our friendly and professional Xmas 4 Schools team of graphics and print staff work hard with you to ensure your school’s fundraising Christmas products are produced to the highest standards and on time!

We have been working with school PTAs and fundraisers for several years now and our system is both easy to follow and produces fantastic results – but don’t just take our word for it.

Christmas For Schools Testimonials
Christmas For Schools Testimonials

Our School Christmas card fundraiser has been running since 2009 and our team love receiving all the boxes of artwork which start to roll in between September and November every year!

We take the production of your school’s fundraising Christmas products very seriously and our quality checking process ensures that every Christmas product that leaves our premises is perfect.