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Guidelines for a successful fundraiser


Our Fundraising School Christmas Products have become a fun and popular method of raising money for schools throughout the UK. If this is the first time you are planning to take part in a Christmas product fundraiser then this page will give you some helpful hints about making it successful for your school. The fundraiser involves children getting creative and producing their own Christmas product designs which we then turn into professionally printed Christmas cards, Poster calendars, Mugs and Gift Labels for sale to their parents and extended family. The cost at which the school or PTA buy these products is less than the parents pay, creating a profit for the organisers. The fundraiser is very easy to run, with little work for the PTA or teaching staff. To maximise the returns from the fundraiser, however, here are a few guidelines for success:

Register early and start early! By registering early you will get our early registration bonus. By doing the fundraiser early in the Autumn term, not only are you ensured one of the first product deliveries back to school, but you will be asking parents to order the products before they have had the chance to buy other cards and gifts!

Make sure parents know you are participating in a Christmas product fundraiser. Send out our suggested letter to parents and publicise your participation by displaying the fundraising Christmas product posters we send you around the school.

The fundraiser works best when the artwork is undertaken as a class activity rather than a homework project. Encourage the teachers to get involved and make sure they have the artwork guidelines we send you to make sure you get the best results. Children love a fun Christmassy art lesson to get out the glitter glue and paints!

Make sure that the children’s names are written clearly on the order forms on the reverse of the artwork by an adult – this will minimise spelling errors on the products when they are printed.

Talk to the children taking part and urge them to design bold, bright and colourful pictures that will be appealing for their parents and extended family to buy!


If you are fundraising for a particular cause or piece of equipment for your school, let parents know what the money raised will pay for.














Christmas For Schools Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Why should we choose the Xmas4Schools Christmas Product Fundraiser?

A - We offer great quality products at very competitive prices. We also have an exemplary customer service track record and are here to help with the Christmas product fundraiser at every stage along the way! Our system is designed to make the organisation as easy as possible for the school and we are the only fundraising company to give you access to your own unique order tracking portal so you can see what stage your orders are at whenever you choose.

Q : If we want to run the Christmas Product fundraiser this year, when do we need to register by?

A - You need to register now! We operate a first come first served system for the fundraising Christmas product delivery dates back into schools, so if you want to secure the best date for your school, don’t delay your registration.

Q : Does it cost anything to take part in the Xmas4Schools Christmas Product Fundraiser?

A - It costs nothing at all to register and take part in this great fundraiser. We supply everything you need (except art materials). We even organise free delivery and refund the postage when you return orders to us. A4 artwork paper / order forms, letters for parents and posters so you can publicise your participation in the fundraiser around the school, are all included.

Q : How much could we raise by taking part?

A - How much a school raises by taking part in the Christmas Product fundraiser is obviously dependent on the number of pupils it has and the parents’ willingness to buy the cards, however in our experience, an average sized primary school with 200-300 pupils can expect to make around £250, but we have had many schools who have made significantly more than this!

Q : How long do you take to produce the Christmas Products?

A - From the time you return your artwork and orders back to us, products are produced and sent back within 10-14 working days. There are delivery slots available during October, November and December for you to select. The date you choose will affect the deadline we give you for the return of your artwork and orders.

Q : How do we get the completed Christmas Product orders back to you?

A - Simply pack all your artwork / orders back into the box we sent you and post it back to us. We will refund the postage on your final invoice.

Q : What is contained in the Xmas4Schools Christmas Product Fundraiser artwork pack supplied to us?

A - Each school is supplied with all the material they will need: A4 Organiser Letter; Packs of A4 paper for the Christmas artwork with order forms on the reverse; Artwork Instruction sheets for the teachers; A4 Letters to be sent home to parents with the completed artwork; A4 Posters promoting the fundraiser that can be displayed around the school and A return address label for returning the artwork and orders back to us.

Q : Is there a minimum order value?

A - Yes. There is a minimum order value of £150 for each registered school. This is to simply ensure that our associated costs are covered. If your total value of orders is less than £150, please do contact us before submitting your artwork.

Q : How and when do we pay for the Christmas Products?

A - When we receive your orders here and they have been logged into our system, we will raise an invoice to cover the cost of the production of your fundraising Christmas products. This will leave you with £1.00 for every product that has been ordered through your school. This invoice needs to be paid as soon as possible.

Q : Do you return the children’s original artwork?

A - Yes, it all comes back to you with the completed Christmas product orders.

Q : Is it easy to distribute the Christmas Products when they come back to school?

A - We try to make the process as easy as possible for the school. We pack all your orders by class for ease of distribution your end.

Q : I want to take part in the Christmas Product Fundraiser, what do I do next?

A - Simply complete our online registration form or call us on 0800 612 7381 / 01233 624462 TODAY!